How to get your child to follow a routine!

As parents, we all know the importance of developing a daily routine for your child. When children have a consistent and daily routine, they thrive. They are able to express themselves within an established set of boundaries that gives them some stability. Also, having set times for sleeping, waking and eating gives a child various…

Music is Magic

Annual Function – Day 2, Navi Mumbai

Pretend reading is fun

7 Mindseed ways to start getting your child to read

Parents today often approach us with questions about reading. The most common question we get is, “Where do we start? I don’t know how to teach A B C to my child, what if I do it wrong?”. Some other parents have asked us “ My child simply isn’t interested in sitting down and reading,…

" Wunderbar Kids needed to be much bigger than us, if it truly was to have a significant impact on India’s education problem. Since neither of us are Steve Jobs, we knew that it would be the team we built that would make or break the company. So, from day one, we were obsessed with getting the right people, with the right attitude, with the right values, with the same dream, and who were looking to join us for the right reasons. "Prasad Dhumal, CEO and Co-Founder.


Stories from our schools – Shreerag and the paper plane

It’s absolutely wonderful when parents are part of this collaborative journey of learning that we create in our schools. Recently, one of our moms sent us a heartfelt message of thanks with a great piece of evidence on her child’s progress. Shreerag is in UKG at Wunderbar Kids, a happy and active child. Last week, when he…