7 colours make a rainbow

In our quest for personal stories, here’s one from Sharmishta – our teacher at our Kamothe 17 school at Panvel. In our opinion, Sharmishta not only went above and beyond the call of duty, she has proven that she’s imbibed the spirit of ceIebrating uniqueness. I found Sharmishta’s story beyond inspirational. It reminded me again why we’re one of the best pre-schools in the country and why we all choose to work here. It is teachers like Sharmishta who get children to #lovetolearn!

Here’s what Sharmishta had to say.

Aleena is a bright child. She recognizes shapes, recites rhymes, excel in physical skills. One day I noticed she coloured an apple in green and a leaf in red. That day I ignored it, thinking she might not be in the right mood today. Next day we did a different color recognizing activity , and she didn’t recognize the colours, so it made me think that she cannot recognize colors. I kept pondering as to how I could help her recognize colors like the other children do. I even wondered if I  should just leave it and that gradually she will learn. Or being a teacher, should I do something extra. After 5 or 6 days like this, her mom, while dropping her to school told me ” Ma’am, please scold Aleena for painting her nails everyday as she doesn’t listen to me at all. If I stop her saying its a bad habit, she just screams at the top of her voice. I’m sure if you scold her she won’t apply it next day”.

I told her mom that she is a child, and children like to imitate the adults around them, and that maybe she liked the colour. So I did not scold her,  rather I asked her ” Aleena your ‘red’ nail paint is beautiful”. The next day I also painted my nails and called her to me. She was fascinated and started scratching it with her tiny little fingers. I told her ” Aleena this is red color”, and I showed her the red crayons, explaining that both were the same colour – that is, the colour of an apple. She took the crayon and tried applying it on her fingers. When school got over she ran to her mom and told her what happened today in school. The next day, just to check whether my idea worked or not, I asked her to colour an apple. She ran and picked up the red crayon and started colouring it. I felt so happy seeing this. Next day onwards I started coloring my nails with different colors and performed the same activity. Now trees and leaves are green for her, and an apple is red. I found out a different approach only after realizing that learning can be effective only when we know each child’s interest. Now when I ask Aleena about the colors of a rainbow, I am sure she will have all of them on her little nails!