" Wunderbar Kids needed to be much bigger than us, if it truly was to have a significant impact on India’s education problem. Since neither of us are Steve Jobs, we knew that it would be the team we built that would make or break the company. So, from day one, we were obsessed with getting the right people, with the right attitude, with the right values, with the same dream, and who were looking to join us for the right reasons. "Prasad Dhumal, CEO and Co-Founder.

" “Can we have teacher training move out from the realm of one-size-fits-all, to become need-based?. Instead of simply training the teachers can the Shikshan Mantri not first observe them and identify which skills they need help in? Why can’t the Shikshan Mantri then coach teachers to master those through a targeted interventions and feedback?” "Amrut Dhumal


Our Phaltan school teaches leadership!

Our team at Phaltan has always been among our most enthusiastic and our most innovative team.In general, they’re a true embodiment of ‘Celebrating Uniqueness’. They’ve managed, time and again, to surprise us with their variations and customizations of product, to meet the needs of the kids in Phaltan. Here’s a quick story around the work…


What makes a good school?

Chances are, if you ask ten different people what makes a good school, you’ll get ten different answers. Over the years, we’ve had people tell us things like ” A good school is one which has the best teachers” or “A good school is where the kids are happiest” or even, “A good school is where…

Emergent Literacy – A story of Kruti


Love to Learn @ Mindseed

" We’d rather have a hole in our team, than a bad fit. "Prasad Dhumal