Emergent Literacy – A story of Kruti

I think its wonderful when we have success stories to share. At Wunderbar Kids, we encourage all our teachers and Shikshan Matris (more on that later) to tell us stories of our children.  Here’s a wonderful example of a story on emergent literacy – told by our very own Sanno Srivastava.


Kruti learns to write

                 – By Sanno Srivastava

The whole and soul of emergent literacy is understanding that young children express themselves through scribbling. The first marks that a child makes on paper are just as important as the first steps she takes! Here’s Kruti’s journey of self-expression over 5 months.

10th July 2014

Kruti (age 2.5 years) has joined our school. leraning to write
She starts gaining motor skills through the simple and enjoyable activity of scribbling. At this point, Kruti’s scribbles seem random, and she engaged mainly in fine motor skill development. She has discover

ed that the crayon makes marks on the paper and is determined to explore this fully! Her teacher asks her what she’s drawn, and is told that this is the sun, which the teacher has labeled. 



17th July  2014

KrKruti_1uti continues to express interest in her scribble work. We can now see closed shapes appearing – a wobbly triangle. Even more remarkable is the number ‘2’ that she has drawn just below a mouse! Labelling this as ‘mouse’ tells Kruti that words and letters are another way of representing the story in her head. She however, has continued to scribble over her drawing, but with a little more control over her motor skills than the week before.  



25th July  2014Kruti_started writing M

Kruti has started to recognize her letters within 2 weeks and she tries to write the letter M by drawing mountains. The letter ‘M’ was introduced to her as the character ‘Munching Mike’ and that has also come out in her scribbles. She has started associating more complex and large objects with her drawing (a mountain is a more complex concept to grasp for a child in nursery than a mouse).



29th July 2014

Kruti drew clever cat and wrote cKruti’s expressions get yet more complex. In this picture, she’s drawn the letter C through the picture of a cat sleeping in her house. She’s started to draw multiple objects/concepts in one picture, has started to understand the meanings of concepts like ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ as well. With the teacher labeling recognizable shapes, her confidence and sense of achievement also gets a real boost.



12th August 2014Kruti drew herself

Young children are fascinated by themselves and Kruti is no exception. Here, she’s drawn herself by looking in the mirror. This is an activity that we actively encourage at Wunderbar Kids. It teaches children to recognize features, parts of the body etc and since they’re the subject, gets them really interested in the activity.



20th August 2014

Kruti_10Kruti has found drawing herself very interesting. Here she has drawn more of ‘Kruti travelling in a train’. Kruti has finally started to realise the potential of expression and storytelling through drawing! Her teacher scaffolds her scribbling by labelling them. 




28th August 2014Kruti started making house

In two months, Kruti has gone from random scribbling to demonstrating her skill at expressing a complicated concept. Here, she draws herself travelling home in a train. Her drawing has begun to reflect her grasp of concepts like Travel, destination, ‘to and from’ etc. Random marks on paper have gradually coalesced into defined shapes which represent her ‘home’ and ‘train’



4th September 2014

Kruti drew helicopter over a houseKruti draws a masterpiece – a helicopter over a house. Imagine Kruti understanding the concept of a ‘helicopter’! Its a complicated word and an object that we don’t see very frequently around us. It is clearly an indication of her observation and imagination skills. Maybe she saw a helicopter in a storybook, or on television, or probably one flying over her house. This promptly entered her visual vocabulary which she reproduced here on paper.



8th Oct 2014Kruti_started_writing_different_letters[1] (1)

Kruti starts to write letters, all on her own! Over 4 months, Kruti has kruti lettersabsorbed the concept of drawing a picture (a shape, scribble, letter or anything) to represent an idea. This naturally leads to her starting writing.. with an  interest and enthusiasm that can’t be matched through traditional means.



28th Nov 2014  

Kruti writes her nameWunderbar Kids is constantly reinforcing the idea that drawing is a powerful tool to express your thoughts and ideas. This understanding eventually leads to writing through scribbling. Kruti has started to write her own name. Through emergent literacy, Kruti has understood the sounds associated with her name, the shapes that represent those sounds, and has mastered the motor skills to reproduce them on paper! Kudos to Kruti, and her teacher!



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