Everyone is ‘Maa’

After a nine-month-long break, I decided to get back to my professional life. It was never easy to leave my little baby and head to work. An emotional battle indeed!

We looked for many daycares in the vicinity. We couldn’t decide on one as none of them really match all the expectations that we had in mind. Then, we chanced upon Mindseed and we knew it was best fitted for our child.  The warmth of the Principal, the staff and the helpers really touched us when we visited the center. “Just take a chance with us for a month, and then you can take a final decision”, they said and that really moved us to choose them as Arhan’s permanent daycare.

The memory of the first day is still in my mind. The teachers and the helpers took Arhan inside the daycare as I sat outside the whole time observing him. He was only eight months then! However, within three to four days, he settled in the daycare environment. Being able to monitor him through the day gave me the assurance that he is in safe hands. Now, I’m even able to work with a relaxed mind as I keep getting updates during the day every day about his activities, meals and nap time.

We are also satisfied with the way the activities are planned and introduced to the children. Arhan is an expert in stacking piles with blocks. He is able to differentiate which one to stack first, which one later and he tries different color combinations too. Also, I am happy that the team introduced the kitchenette to him at an early age… As a mother I really want Arhan to know how everything works irrespective of any gender classification.

It was also quite amazing how the team put in the effort to help Arhan walk. Along with that the outdoor activities and interaction with so many children will nurture Arhan in a positive way in the long run.

Last but not least, I want to thank everyone at Mindseed who are helping my child to grow into a fine human being! It is definitely Arhan’s second home and for him, everyone is “Maa” at Mindseed!

– Mrs. Pia Banerjee (Arhan’s Mother)

P.S. Arhan joined Mindseed Daycare at Aundh (Pune) when he was 8 months old. He is now 1.4 months old and is able to walk, babble and play with his teachers and friends.