Immerz – The Mindseed Language Learning Program

Every parent wants to spend time with their child, isn’t it great to do things together with your child? At Mindseed we believe this special parent-child time is also a great time to help your little one learn.

With our preschool experience and data driven expertise on how kids learn we have created a new ‘phygital’ (phisical+digital) product called Immerz. .

We have used stories and storytelling intertwined with activities that helps increase your child’s pace of learning the English language.

The Immerz language learning program caters to children between the age-group of 2-6-year-olds. Through this journey we aim to help kids to start reading, writing and comprehending paragraphs on their own. Some books in the series are The Gruffalo, Little Miss Twins and The Snail and the Whale. And some upcoming books are Green Eggs and Ham and We are going on a bear hunt.

How does this work?

  • Download the Immerz App from Google Playstore. Click here to download now.
  • Go through the stories on the app and select the one that interests you
  • Each story has a set of level based activities
  • To start your child’s learning journey give us a call on 7022216649 and order a kit
  • All the material required to do the activities is in the kit
  • Sit with your child and spend time reading the book and then conducting the activity
  • After you complete the activity share your child’s progress through pictures/videos/messages
  • Alternatively, you could reach out to us at any time with any concerns/comments/suggestions

We look forward to your participation and great moments of learning for your little one!

Curious to know about the results of our program? Read the results from our past year’s learning data here

Hear from Tejashree, once of our first set of parents to use the Immerz program here