Learning By Doing

Aarnav was a very restless child. Hyper-active even! That’s why Manjari Teacher from Airoli came up with a unique way to get him to learn to count. Read on to know the full story…

When Aarnav joined Get.Set.Learn, Manjari realised that he was a sweet and intelligent kid, but unlike the rest of his class, he had a lot more energy. He constantly wanted to be doing things – moving around, dancing and jumping. It became a quite a task to get him to sit down and do activities like rhymes or story telling. And when it came to numbers, Manjari realised that Aarnav’s attention would not be held by abstract concepts.

So she came up with a novel way to help him to learn. She created a full body movement game that taught Aarnav to identify numbers and count. And his classmates could join in as well. Today, Aarnav has gone much beyond counting to 10, and can even do single digit addition!