Music is Magic

At Mindseed, we understand the need for children to have a Rhythm and Routine to their day. Music helps us to create a transition time between activities, and helps children to move from one activity to the other. Watch how the children in Kamothe school react when the teacher starts the transition song.

At first, the children just listen to the song and start preparing for a new activity, then they all start to sing along as well. One of the children races to the shelf to put away his toys before joining the line that is forming up at the door. By the end of the song, the children are standing in a line, at the door – all without a single instruction being given by an adult! It’s magical.

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  1. Tarendra Chandrakar
    Tarendra Chandrakar 4 years ago .Reply

    Very nice … One of child is my son Siddhant.,. Feeling happy to see this that all children are following one instruction which is form of music. But this hobbit is come in routine when they followed instructions daily.

  2. Sheetal Kadam
    Sheetal Kadam 4 years ago .Reply


  3. Lavanya D
    Lavanya D 4 years ago .Reply

    I read this article and immediately tried it on my kid …..and the response was awesome….no need of shouting or talking to kid in a loud voice…the kids really follow what you say…Thanks a lot

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