Learning from Students – Stories from our schools

Instead of hiding behind objectivity let us consider the context in which performances are being measured. Let us try to move our assessments from being judgmental to being informative. Let us value effort and perseverance instead of pure performance, and then perhaps we can encourage kids to keep fighting for their dreams. If we let our kids lead perhaps they will build the school they deserve.


Learning By Doing

Gargi from Khanda Colony – Show and Tell

" “Can we have teacher training move out from the realm of one-size-fits-all, to become need-based?. Instead of simply training the teachers can the Shikshan Mantri not first observe them and identify which skills they need help in? Why can’t the Shikshan Mantri then coach teachers to master those through a targeted interventions and feedback?” "Amrut Dhumal


Wunderbar Kids Celebrates Field Day!

This year, when we decided to celebrate Field Day, it confused a lot of parents. We had mothers and fathers calling us up to ask “What is Field Day? We’ve heard of sports day, but not Field Day!”

“Well”, we replied. “That’s because we just invented it”