Stories from our Schools – Aatmikhaa and the Mirror

We keep talking about how to make children love to learn. One of the quickest ways to kill this love for learning is to force a child to do something he or she doesn’t understand. At Wunderbar Kids, we believe in constructive learning, getting the child involved in the process of doing something an learning….


Spotlight – Tanaya Chakrabarti

Building up a Talent pipeline – whether in Navi Mumbai or in Lonand – is a daunting task. Meet Tanaya Chakrabarti, our Talent sourcer, the person who keeps people coming to work with us, the person who runs the show when it comes to finding the right people to work at Wunderbar Kids.  What is…


Our Phaltan school teaches leadership!

Our team at Phaltan has always been among our most enthusiastic and our most innovative team.In general, they’re a true embodiment of ‘Celebrating Uniqueness’. They’ve managed, time and again, to surprise us with their variations and customizations of product, to meet the needs of the kids in Phaltan. Here’s a quick story around the work…


7 colours make a rainbow

In our quest for personal stories, here’s one from Sharmishta – our teacher at our Kamothe 17 school at Panvel. In our opinion, Sharmishta not only went above and beyond the call of duty, she has proven that she’s imbibed the spirit of ceIebrating uniqueness. I found Sharmishta’s story beyond inspirational. It reminded me again…

How Anita became a SUPERMOM!


What makes a good school?

Chances are, if you ask ten different people what makes a good school, you’ll get ten different answers. Over the years, we’ve had people tell us things like ” A good school is one which has the best teachers” or “A good school is where the kids are happiest” or even, “A good school is where…


The Hare and the Tortoise

How many times have we heard the story of the hare and the tortoise? And how many of us have ever thought of a different ending to the story – one where the hare wins? Rudra, a 4 year old Wunderbar Kid, did exactly that! It was during scribble time that Rudra drew the story…