How Vihaan learnt his letters

Hello folks! I’m back, and I’ve got so much to share with you! We’ve been asking around internally for inspirational stuff we do to make our children #Lovetolearn. A huge number of stories have poured in, so I’m going to write up a story a day for you. Here’s todays.

Vihaan – a playschool student in our Khargar-35 school – was an extremely high-energy and distracted child. But our teachers have taken personalizing education to heart, and this is how Ratnakanthi, his teacher handled a situation in class pertaining to him.

Ratnakanthi says,

“Vihaan was a child in my playgroup who was constantly distracted. In the middle of teaching him the letters, he kept looking around for something to play with. We teach letters through stories and songs, but he spotted a ball of yarn and started playing with that instead. He’s been with us for 3 months, and I knew that he was a restless child with lots of energy. So I decided to use that energy to teach him instead of scolding him or forcing him into an activity he didn’t like. Using the same yarn that he was playing with, I started forming letters. This interested him and he started learning his letters like this!”

Megha Chandvankar,  our training and product development specialist was so thrilled to see this!

“Its wonderful how teachers like Ratnakanthi have truly imbibed the spirit of ‘celebrating uniqueness’. This is exactly what we try to impart in our teacher training – the ability to personalize learning to each child. In this case, Rathnakanthi realized that Vihaan is a kinesthetic learner, a sensitivity that most teachers in India do not have. Also, most schools in India either don’t cater to kinesthetic learners, or their teachers are too inhibited to deviate from the set curriculum. That’s not the case with Wunderbar Kids. Our children love to learn.”

Today, I’m so proud to be part of an organization that gets children to #lovetolearn!

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  1. rajani
    rajani 5 years ago .Reply

    I really liked all the write ups.
    Being retired as a pre school teacher, I remembered my days at the school. Teaching kids is my passion.

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