Kids love to learn when its ‘REAL’

Today’s story is about how we at Wunderbar Kids believe in getting children to #lovetolearn by tailoring our curriculums with real world content, rather than focusing on book knowledge.

Kindergarten children across our education system are taught the concept of ‘Community helpers’, in some form or the other. At Wunderbar Kids, this happens through their time at the Discovery Station – a station that develops their cognitive skills in the classroom. Read about our stations here.

Community Helpers refers to people who help the community – doctors, cobblers, shop keepers, and so on. But imagine the problems that are faced by a 4 year old trying to learn this concept. Who is part of this group and who isn’t? What exactly do you mean by community? What do all these people do actually? What do they look like?

We at WunderbarKids believe that showing children pictures of doctors and reading descriptions of what they do isn’t enough to make children #lovetolearn about doctors! This is what gets children excited about learning

  • Experiential learning, not learning through a book
  • Active learning – Talking, asking questions, being allowed to explore

So what was the answer? The obvious one. We introduced our children to the real world!

Here’s how our children #lovetolearn