Stories from our Schools – Celebrating Uniqueness

Our search for stories seems to have turned up so many, it’s getting really hard to choose which ones to share with you!  But when we received this story from one of our teachers – Sonia – at Panvel 11, we were unanimous in our decision that this was a story the world deserved to hear. So for all you parents out there who despair about how your child behaves – naughty, quiet, hyper, talkative or shy – don’t worry. There are people like us who know that every child is unique. Here’s what Sonia had to say.

Soon after I joined Wunderbar Kids, I was told that the our schools philosophy is that every child is unique, and we celebrate uniqueness. But I didn’t really understand how that was so until I met Prajwal. With Prajwal, I had the experience that really made me believe that every child is unique.

I was under training at a one of our schools  where I met a child who was crying all through the day.  The teacher was the only one who was allowed to be touched by him. He wasn’t ready to take part in any rituals or rhymes nor would he touch any play area toys . During the class I was sitting in the reading corner and trying to read a book upside down.  He appeared from nowhere, snatched the book and sternly told me, “Don’t you  know how to handle the book…”.  I was taken aback . Just to seek his attention I started doing clumsy things.  He was alert and was immediately available.  He was mothering me through the entire day! He allowed the teacher to feed him… all the while keeping a vigil on me. In a little while he told me that he wanted to play on the slide but was scared  as the other children push him. So we struck a deal. He would help me and I would protect him. As I observed him through the day, I was amazed at how he blossomed and become confident. He knew all the rhymes and he took part in all the activities thereafter.

I left the center with a full heart that day. Prajwal may not remember me, but I will never forget him.  He taught me every child is unique and we as teachers should not tag a child or put him in slots.  Every child has a right be unique.

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  1. mithun pithadiya
    mithun pithadiya 4 years ago .Reply

    So cute and hearrouching story. And i am glad that my child is in best hands…..

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