Our Phaltan school teaches leadership!

Our team at Phaltan has always been among our most enthusiastic and our most innovative team.In general, they’re a true embodiment of ‘Celebrating Uniqueness’. They’ve managed, time and again, to surprise us with their variations and customizations of product, to meet the needs of the kids in Phaltan.

Here’s a quick story around the work we do at Phaltan.

An activity for Number Recognition was part of their study curriculum for LKG children. The objective behind the activity was simple – getting children to recognize numbers.

Our team at HO had devised a simple game that involved matching the number chits in a child’s hands to the numbers drawn into circles on the floor.

Here’s what the original game looked like.


Through our school feedback mechanisms and the development diaries, we tracked – and were amazed at – the results. Our children (especially kineasthetic learners) responded beautifully to the game.

Our team at Phaltan went one step ahead, and converted this into a group activity! Here’s what it looks like now.


And here’s what our academic team at Head Office loves about what they’ve managed to do.

“It is an inspired idea”, says Megha. “Adding the group element to the activity brings so much more to the table. Watching these children in a group will really give you an idea of how many many types of key interactions are happening. They are negotiating, they are coordinating and they’re even learning some patience and tolerance. Most importantly, they’re learning skills like leadership naturally! It is really amazing to watch”

Looking at these pictures, I have to agree. Look the energy in this classroom? Don’t you agree that these children love to learn?