Everyone is ‘Maa’

After a nine-month-long break, I decided to get back to my professional life. It was never easy to leave my little baby and head to work. An emotional battle indeed! We looked for many daycares in the vicinity. We couldn’t decide on one as none of them really match all the expectations that we had in…

" Just at 4, Prarthi can read books and has even started to develop comprehension. The other most amazing thing is that I have access to a Mindseed learning expert 24X7. This helps me in getting answers to all my queries and concerns. You cannot fathom my immense delight each time I see her read! "

Here are the highlights of past years’ learning data

At Mindseed schools, we care deeply for the life long success of each of our children.   We believe that there is a genius waiting to be unlocked in every child. As such, we endeavor to deliver an education that is fun-filled, immersive, skill based and personalized. We are obsessed about delivering such an education,…

There is a genius in every child.

“It’s never too early to start reading with kids! I started reading to Ida when she was 4 months old. The book I picked up was Moo Baa LALALA. She used to smile whenever we were reading. I think she liked it!” “By 9 months we were reading books like Where is baby’s belly button….

How to get your child to follow a routine!

As parents, we all know the importance of developing a daily routine for your child. When children have a consistent and daily routine, they thrive. They are able to express themselves within an established set of boundaries that gives them some stability. Also, having set times for sleeping, waking and eating gives a child various…

Music is Magic

Annual Function – Day 2, Navi Mumbai